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S.Radha(age 29):

One of my friend referred me to UniSlimCare for weight loss. Before joining, I was 74kgs. I joined here for two month packages. They are suggested a diet for two months. I followed the diet regularly. I lost almost 12kgs weight. Now my weight is 62kgs. Staffs supported well & good service was provided by them. Thanks to UniSlimcare for all help.

Shanmuga pandian(age 32):

I am coming from Molakadai. when I joined here, my weight was 110kgs. After one month I reduced 13kgs. Now I am 97 kgs. I am very satisfied with this package. I would like to take another package in this month.

Saraswathi Sreedevi(age 36):

I joined in UniSlimcare for two month program. While joining I was 70kgs. Then I took about 30 sitting and now I am 61kgs. Also I had as greatest inch loss to about 10 inches. I had a great time with the staff members nice hospitslity & caring. Thanks to UniSlimCare.

S.Meena(age 43):

I am from Royapuram. I have join here for three month of 45 sitting and I reduced 34kgs in 45 sittings. Initially I was 95kgs,but now I was reduced because of UniSlimCare. The staffs here was kind and very good. And I also get inch loss. Finally I was very satisfied.

Sowmiya(age 38):

I joined in UniSlimCare on that time I was in 88kgs. I had taken 3 month course. The first day itself they have given instruction about the food and walking and also diet sheet. I followed the instruction given fully and I reduced 15kgs in 3 months (45 sittings). My inch loss in abdomen, thighs, arms are very good. The staffs helped me a lot. They are very kind to me. I’m totally satisfied with this treatment. Good place and good staffs.

K.Saranya(age 23):

I am extremely happy to be a part of this weight reduction program. Initially I was 72kgs but now I’m in 62kgs and have reduced 10 kgs in 24 sittings in two month package . The people here are well behaved and mannered.

Aravind(age 21):

I joined here on one month package. My weight was on that time 66kgs(weight loss and tonning ).I finised my session. Now my weight is 59kgs. I got 3 ½ inches loss, and chest 2 ½ inches loss. I am satisfied very much. UniSlim Care gave the best service also. Here results are really amazing. NO SIDE EFFECTS. I feel very happy for reducing my weight and inch loss. They are giving the best result.


Unislimcare is the best weight reducing programe. It is realy worth. Staffs are very Pleasing and giving good responsibility. I am very satisfied. I suggest all them to join unislimcare to get good result. I reduced 22kg in three month package. And I extend another month package also. First I was 106kg now I’m 84kg.


After my full course I have reduced about 11 ½ kg. But my inch loss was more. I’m really happy and greatful to sir and his members who were very polite and helpful throughout my course.


This is unislimcare is the best weight reduced in my body. In previous time my body was 83 ½ kg. now I’m in 72kg. So the service is very good. The working people also is good. If you people are having any doubts and need any details please call to unislimcare. Thanks to unislimcare.

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Obesity is the modern day plague which is making its presence felt all over the world. Over the past few years, obesity is becoming a growing concern, owing to the sedentary lifestyles of the urban population. A Nutrition Foundation of India sample study of the urban population of Delhi shows that more than 35 percent males and 50 percent females of the higher income classes were overweight compared to one percent male and four percent females in the poor class, confirming the socio-economic angle to the disease.For both Ladies and Gents, age limit 15-75 years


Uni Slim Care(Obesity Centre) is staffed by the most educated and experienced therapist in the field. You won't find another Obesity Centre that offers more expert and friendly service than Uni Slim Care. We have ten therapists of different skills who cater to different customers.


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